Let’s hear it for 1959

July 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Those of us who weren’t yet born in 1959 might think of that year as being pretty much the same as any other. And for all I know, those of you who lived through it do, too. But in his new book, “1959: The Year Everything Changed,” Fred Kaplan, who writes Slate’s “War Stories” column, contends that it was “the year when the shockwaves of the new ripped the seams of daily life, when humanity stepped into the cosmos and also commandeered the conception of human life, when the world shrank but the knowledge needed to thrive in it expanded exponentially … when everything was changing and everyone knew it — when the world as we now know it began to take form” …

In Brief: “1959: The Year Everything Changed” by Fred Kaplan (The Barnes & Noble Review)

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